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Release Date: 1/11/2011

ELAN 35 Tri


The ELAN 35 is an attractive trimaran from a family of boats designed and built by Multi-Winds International. It is evaluated in comparison with the averages [in brackets] of nine other trimarans with waterline lengths ranging from 34 to 35.83 feet as follows:


Displacement: 2.0 tons [3.08 tons]


Length Overall: 35.00 feet [36.61 feet]


Length at Waterline: 35.00 feet [35.06 feet]


Beam Overall: 24.00 feet [27.49 feet average]


Beam between outrigger centerlines: 21.7 feet [25.71 feet]


Sail Area (Main plus genoa): 750 sq. ft. [745 sq. ft.]


Displacement/Length Ratio: 46.65 [72.26]


Sail Area/Displacement Ratio: 44.16 [34.85]


Base Speed: 12.32 knots [11.31 knots]


Kelsall Speed Prediction KSP: 12.10 knots


Texel Rating: 89 [100.25]


Bruce Number: 1.67 [1.47]


Stability Speed: 13.82 knots


Kelsall Stability Index KSI: 23.24 knots


The boats used in the average include names like Crowther, Dragonfly, Farrier, Hughes, Newick, and Corsair. (See details of these boats in Multihull Data on this site.)

Multi-Winds International has an active website with additional photos .

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