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Release Date: 1/21/2011

                                  Contour 30


The Contour 30 is an attractive trimaran from a family of boats designed by Cole Beadon and manufactured by Contour Yachts of Canada.  The MKIIs evaluation is compared with the averages of fourteen other trimarans with overall lengths ranging from 30 to 31 feet is as follows:


Displacement: 1.45 tons [1.88 tons]


Length Overall: 30.00 feet [30.74 feet]


Length at Waterline: 29.00 feet [30.09 feet]


Beam Overall: 23.84 feet [24.06 feet]


Beam between outrigger centerlines: 22.65 ft. [22.95 ft.]


Sail Area (Main plus genoa): 570 sq. ft. [608 sq. ft.]


Displacement-Length Ratio: 59.45 [70.21]


Sail Area – Displacement Ratio: 41.58 [38.27]


Base Speed: 11.12 knots [10.92 knots]


Kelsall Speed Prediction KSP: 11.28 knots


Texel Rating: 96 [100]


Bruce Number: 1.62 [1.55]


Stability Speed: 14.74 knots [15.99 knots]


Kelsall Stability Index KSI: 24.79 knots



The boats used in the average include names like Farrier, Dragonfly, Newick and Corsair. (See details of these boats in Multihull Data on this site.) The Dragonfly 920 Extreme was left out of the average because its enormous sail area distorts the averages of the rest of these boats.


The Contour 30 MkII is near the averages most of the specification items. Displacement is an exception that colors the rest of the evaluation and is a point of concern. The boat is very close in its design features to the Farrier and Dragonfly boats, so being nearly a ton lighter begs the question of the displacement figure. This is a frequent problem with advertised figures on the boats', it is often not clear that the displacement figure includes the total of boat weight and design payload. Nevertheless, the comparisons shown above are based on 1.45 tons.


Her sail area is a little below the average, but combined with the low displacement, her base speed is just above the average. Her light weight results in a stability speed that is more than one knot below the average. She falls in the racer category in Charles Kanter's Multihull Classification system. (See "Classifying Multihulls" in the Technical section of this website.)


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Contour Yachts can be seen on several sites by searching by that name on the internet.  Here is one listed for sale with several images



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