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Release Date: 2/1/2007

Manta 42 Mk II

This 42 foot cruising catamaran is a bit sedate in comparison with other cruising catamarans of similar size. This is probably the most popular size range for cruising/charter catamarans and the Manta 42 appears to be designed for comfortable sailing and living. The numbers for comparison below come from the averages for 53 other catamarans ranging from 41 to 43 feet in length. They are all featured in the Multihull Dynamics, Inc. website. The numbers, followed in brackets by average, are:

Displacement: 7.37 tons [7.03 tons]

Sail Area: 833 sq. ft. [963 sq. ft.]

Displacement-Length Ratio: 58.28 [56.36]

Sail Area Displacement Ratio: 20.56 [25.53]

Beam between hull centerlines: 16.76 feet [18.66 feet]

Base Speed: 9.81 knots [10.54 knots]

Texel Rating: 135 [125]

Bruce Number: 1.14 [1.26]

Stability Speed: 21.98 knots [20.27 knots]

The sedate comment in the opening sentence is supported by displacement and sail area (the SA/D ratio is 19% below average), the base speed that is lower than average by 0.7 knots and the stability speed this up over one knot despite the fact that she is narrower than average by nearly two feet.

Drawings of this boat show graceful lines, with a sculptured hull shape having lots of curves and few hard corners. Structurally, that should provide strength without extra weight. However, the displacement is above average.

Pictures may tell part of the story, with an incredible amount of aluminum tubing visible to support a seat, radar, a dinghy and a wind generator. That along with the structure covering the cockpit suggests significant windage that can only hurt windward performance. The boat has fixed keels and spade rudders.

This catamaran appears to be a concession to cruising enjoyment over performance. It certainly offers the catamarans advantage of level living with lots of accommodations.

Details of this and the other boats can be seen on the Multihull Dynamics, Inc. website at

Calvin H. Markwood

Engineering Analyst

Multihull Dynamics, Inc.

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