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Release Date: 8/6/2014

Helia 44

This catamaran by Fontaine-Pajot is a conservative cruising sailboat. The specification, performance and stability figures for comparison come from the averages of 24 cruising catamarans in the 42.5-43.5 foot waterline length. These boats are featured in the Multihull Dynamics, LLC website. The analysis results, followed in brackets by the average values of the 24 comparable cruising catamarans, are:

Displacement: 14.01 tons [8.12 tons]

Length Overall: 43.5 feet [Range 42.65-50 feet]

Length at Waterline: 42.8 feet [42.95 Feet]

Hull waterline length-to-beam ratio: 7.59 [10.41]

Sail Area (Main plus genoa): 1076 sq. ft. [1105 sq. ft.]

Displacement/Length Ratio: 89.35 [51.35]

Sail Area/Displacement Ratio: 17.3 [26.6]

Beam between hull centerlines: 18.66 ft. [20.41 ft.]

Base Speed: 9.46 knots [11.06 knots]

Texel Rating: 145 [121]

Bruce Number: 1.04 [1.28]

Stability Speed: 26.41 knots [21.09 knots]

The Helia 44 is considerably heavier than its peers, but has just below average sail area. This makes the boat a very conservative cruising catamaran. The Base Speed bears this out. Other catamarans in the comparison range from 9.48 to 13.1 knots Base Speed. The hull length-to-beam ratio of 7.59 is also indicative of a relatively slow boat. The Helia 44 is narrower than the other boats, but the heavy displacement serves to give it a higher Stability Speed.

Plans, photos and videos of this boat on the internet support the numbers indicating an elegant, well-appointed cruising catamaran that is far better for observing boat races than competing in them.

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