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Release Date: 1/1/2007

Cals Evals - Maxim 380 MKII - Voyage 380

The Maxim 380 Mk II, also sold as the Voyage 380, was updated in 2004 by stretching the boat and increasing the displacement aft to accommodate larger engines and an improved aft cabin layout. According to the Maxim Yachts web site, other improvements were made to make on deck movement safer and cockpit living more attractive. There is considerable information and drawings of this boat on their website.

The Multihull Dynamics, Inc. (MDI) evaluation of the boat in comparison with the averages [shown in brackets] of 25 cruising catamarans with waterline lengths in the 38 foot range is as follows:

Displacement: 5.90 tons [5.83 tons (range for 25 boats is 3.5 to 11.0 tons)]

Length Overall: 39 feet [40.23 feet (range is 38.06 to 46.0 feet)]

Length at Waterline: 38.32 feet [38.29 feet]

Sail Area (Main plus 100% fore-triangle): 915 sq. ft. [908 sq. ft. (range is 684 to 1130)]

Sail Area/Displacement Ratio: 26.19 [27.24]

Beam between hull centerlines: 16.0 ft. [18.21 ft.]

Bridgedeck Clearance 23 in. [29 in. is nominal for 38 ft. LWL catamarans]

Lwl/Bh ratio: 10.3 [10.31]

Base Speed: 10.52 knots [10.31 (range is 9.58 to 12.31)]

Texel Rating: 116 [115]

Bruce Number: 1.28 [1.30]

Stability Speed: 17.49 knots [18.68 (range is 13.64 to 22.93)]

The Maxim 380 falls very close to the average values for catamaran cruisers its size in all areas except beam between hull centerlines and bridgedeck clearance. In fact, it falls nearly directly on the trend lines for 708 cruising catamarans ranging from 20 feet to 130 feet long in the MDI database. The smaller than average beam between hull centerlines accounts for the lower than average Stability Speed. The low bridgedeck clearance may portend bridgedeck slamming when sailing into waves.

With the Lwl/Bh ratio of 10.3, it is in the cruising category by Charles Kanters method of categorizing multihulls. The boat has spade rudders and low aspect ratio keels. The latter of which further cements it into the cruising category.

The Maxim 380 hulls have a trapezoidal shape above the waterline with rounded corners below. The departure from semicircular below the waterline provides increased displacement without increasing the waterline beam.

Calvin H. Markwood
Engineering Analyst
Multihull Dynamics, Inc.

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