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Release Date: 1/2/2008

Maine Cat 30

The Maine Cat 30 is described on their website as a simple live aboard cruiser for a short weekend getaway or the cruise of a lifetime. The following information from the Multihull Dynamics, Inc. website database shows how this 29.5 foot waterline length boat compares with 35 other cruising catamarans with waterline lengths from 29 to 30.22 feet. Averages and ranges for the comparison boats are in brackets.

Displacement: 2.68 tons [2.64 tons average (range is 1.34 to 4.25)]

Length Overall: 30 feet [31.09 feet average (range is 29.5 to 35.17)]

Length at Waterline: 29.5 feet [29.55 feet average (range is 29 to 30.22)]

Beam Overall: 18 feet [17.39 feet average (range is 13.12 to 20.17)]

Sail Area (Main plus 100% fore-triangle): 500 sq. ft. [507 sq. ft. average (range is 298 to 843)]

Sail Area/Displacement Ratio: 24.22 [26.04 average (range is 14.49 to 44.91)]

Beam between hull centerlines: 15.03 feet [14.15 feet average (range is 10.75 to 16.94 feet)]

Bridgedeck Clearance 26 in. [23 in. is nominal for 30 ft. LWL catamarans]

Lwl/Bh ratio: 9.94 [10.37 average (range is 7.97 to 13.15)]

Base Speed: 9.11 knots [9.25 average (range is 7.54 to 11.56)]

Texel Rating: 132 [133 average (range is 99 to 167)]

Bruce Number: 1.23 [1.26 average (range is 0.95 to 1.65)]

Stability Speed: 18.14 knots [17.62 average (range is 10.58 to 26.36)]

Kelsall Stability Speed: 30.51 knots [29.64 average (range is 17.79 to 44.34)]

The Maine Cat 30 is very close to average in this group of small cruising catamarans. She gives up about four percent in performance (Base Speed) as the result of the combination of slightly greater displacement, slightly lower sail area and slightly shorter waterline length. Lateral resistance is provided by a single daggerboard in the starboard hull.

She has higher than average bridgedeck clearance, owing to the fact she has an open bridgedeck, with all of the accommodations contained in the hulls. The bridgedeck sports a fixed hard-top and a settee. Accommodations include a double berth and head in the starboard hull plus a single berth, a table in one hull that converts to another double berth and a galley to port.

Calvin H. Markwood
Engineering Analyst
Multihull Dynamics, Inc.

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