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Release Date: 1/2/2009

Cals Evals Mahe 36

The Mahe 36 is an attractive small cruising catamaran, the smallest in the line of cruising catamarans by Fontaine Pajot ranging from 36 to 65 feet in length. It is close in performance and stability to average of 30 boats in the waterline length range of 34.75 to 35.75 feet.

The Multihull Dynamics, Inc. (MDI) evaluation of the boat in comparison with the averages of 34 cruising catamarans with comparable waterline lengths is as follows:

Displacement: 5 tons [average 5.38 tons average (range 3.44 to 9.7 tons)]

Length Overall: 36.19 feet [average 37.41 feet (range is 35 to 43 feet)]

Length at Waterline: 35.21 feet [average 35.2 feet (range is 34.75 to 35.75 feet)]

Sail Area (Main plus 100% fore-triangle): 687 sq. ft. [average 756 sq. ft. (range is 529 to 990)]

Sail Area/Displacement Ratio: 21.33 [average 23.7 (range is 14.38 to 41.68)]

Beam between hull centerlines: 14.76 ft. [average 16.2 ft. (range is 13.08 to 22.17)]

Bridgedeck Clearance (Unknown) [30 in. is nominal for 36 ft. LWL catamarans]

Hull Waterline Length/ Beam ratio: 9.49 [average 10.16 (range is 6.92 to 14.23)]

Base Speed: 9.41 knots [average 9.68 (range is 8.13 to 11.09)]

Texel Rating: 135 [average 133 (range is 104 to 158)]

Bruce Number: 1.16 [average 1.21 (range is 0.95 to 1.56)]

Stability Speed: 19.85 knots [average 19.98 (range is 12.37 to 29.2)]

Kelsall Stability Speed: 33.39 knots [33.62 average (range is 20.81 to 49.11)]

The other boats used for comparison are the Lexline 38AS, KC40, Admiral 38, Crowther SP35, Prout 39 (two versions), Escale 39, Louisiane 36, Piana 37, Solaris Sunstar 36, Ocean Cheetah 37 (two versions), VIK 107, Dean 365, Maverick 380, Privilege 39, ISS 39, Broadblue 385 (two versions), KSS 39MKII, Oceanic 373, Parallax 11M, Corsair 3600, Sunday Child, Oasis 380, Seawind 1160, and KSS 38ma.

The Mahe 36 is slightly lighter than average in displacement but has about nine percent less sail area, resulting in a SA/D that is lower than average. As a result, she gives up about three percent in Base Speed. Her beam between hull centerlines is nearly a foot and one half narrower than average, but with the smaller sail area, her Stability Speed is just below average. The Lwl/Bh (hull waterline length to beam) of 9.49 shows her to have hulls that are a bit beamier than average, but still in the range that avoids the drag associated with bow-wave buildup.

The boats modest sail area and low aspect ratio keels further suggest the design is intended to be a cruising boat.

Calvin H. Markwood
Engineering Analyst
Multihull Dynamics, Inc.

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