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Release Date: 1/9/2011

Cals Evals Fusion 40


This 40 foot cruising catamaran compares very favorably with other catamarans in this size range. The numbers for comparison come from the averages of 80 other catamarans with waterline lengths in the 38-40 foot range. These boats are featured in the Multihull Dynamics, Inc. website. The numbers, followed in brackets by average values are:


Displacement: 5.8 tons [6.23 tons]


Waterline length: 39.0 ft. [38.92 ft.]


Sail Area: 958 sq. ft. [949 sq. ft.]


Displacement-Length Ratio: 48.89 [52.75]


Sail Area Displacement Ratio: 27.74 [27.31]


Beam between hull centerlines: 18.21 feet [18.95 feet]


Base Speed: 10.83 knots [10.7 knots]


Texel Rating: 118 [121]


Bruce Number: 1.32 [1.3]


Stability Speed: 17.96 knots [19.12 knots]


Fusion 40 is very close to being the average boat in this group except for her lower displacement. This can be seen in the Displacement-Length Ratio and Sail Area-Displacement Ratio. The result of being a light boat shows in the higher Base Speed but a lower Stability Speed. The boat is clearly designed to be a cruising sailboat that is intended for good performance as well as good cruising accommodations.


This boat is available in kit form from Fusion Catamarans. They have an interesting website at where one can see full specifications, kit assembly concept, manufacturing plant, sailing videos, etc.


The Multihull Dynamics, Inc. website is

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