Technical » 'Multihull Design Considerations for Seaworthiness'

Release Date: 3/12/2008

John Shuttleworth evaluates how a multihull performs in waves with respect to rolling and pitching. Stability is evaluated both in relation to wind and wave action. In particular reference will be made to Prof. Marchaj's work - 'Seaworthiness the Forgotten Factor'.

Multihulls are studied under the same criteria as monohulls are evaluated in the book, giving a clear comparison between old and new multihull designs, and monohulls, particularly with regard to capsise in wind and waves. Other factors affecting seaworthiness, such as pitching, surfing, rolling, yawing etc, are discussed.

A vector analysis of the lift to drag forces acting on a multihull is presented, and each factor such as hull drag, windage, keel and rig efficiency, etc, are directly related to pointing ability. These factors are related to several multihull types, and it is clearly demonstrated why old multihulls did not point well to windward, and why modern ones do. Read more ...

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