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Release Date: 1/1/2010

Lightwave 45 Catamaran

This catamaran is a conservative cruising sailboat. The numbers for comparison comes from the 48 catamarans with a waterline length between 41 and 43 feetfeatured in the Multihull Dynamics,Inc. website. The numbers, followed inbrackets by the averages for this substantial group, are:

Displacement: 7.86 tons [7.52 tons]

Length Overall: 45 feet [43.77 feet]

Length at Waterline: 42 feet [41.78 Feet]

Sail Area (Main plus jib): 1133 sq. ft. [1006 sq. ft.]

Displacement-Length Ratio: 53.05 [51.09]

Sail Area Displacement Ratio: 26.79 [25.79]

Beam between hull centerlines: 19.74 ft. [19.75 ft.]

Base Speed: 11.04 knots [10.82 knots]

Texel Rating: 108 [111]

Bruce Number: 1.30 [1.27]

Stability Speed: 19.71 knots [20.86 knots]

The Lightwave 45 is slightly above average for its size in performance (Base Speed) and slightly below average in stability (Stability Speed). The slightly above average displacement is well compensated for its greater than average sail area. This shows in the SA/D ratio. And, although the beam between hull centerlines is right on the average, the larger sail area accounts for the slightly below average stability. The boat has a 38 inch bridgedeck clearance which is eight inches greater than nominal and should be quite adequate for avoiding wave pounding between the hulls.

Information on the Lightwave website show this boat to be a luxurious cruising boat with 64 headroom in the salon and 66 in the hulls. It is fitted with low aspect ratio keels rather than daggerboards. This tends to confirm the impression from the numbers above that the intent of the design is comfortable cruising, not racing.

Calvin H. Markwood
Engineering Analyst
Multihull Dynamics, Inc.

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